Tarjei Vesaas (1897-1970) was a novelist and poet from Vinje, Telemark, Norway.

Gavagai, shot on location in Telemark, depends on Vesaas’ poetry as a guide. We are eternally grateful to the Vesaas estate and Anthony Barnett (poet and translator) who graciously permitted us to use a selection of Vesaas’ work; without such generous support, this film would not have been possible.

Each poem featured in the film can be found below.

the journeyVessas Poemswhere the blazeVessas PoemsjuneVessas PoemsyourkneesVessas PoemswearybrideVessas PoemsblockedVessas Poemsyou and iVessas PoemsseedVessas PoemsinvitationVessas Poemsnever talkVessas PoemsglasswallVessas PoemsfffffVessas PoemsoutVessas PoemsbeyondVessas PoemsroadVessas Poems


Translations by Anthony Barnett from Tarjei Vesaas, Beyond the Moment: One Hundred and One Selected Poems (Lewes, E. Suss., Allardyce Book, 2001), reprinted in part in Anthony Barnett, Translations (Lewes, E. Suss., Tears in the Fence in assoc. Allardyce Book ABP, 2012), Copyright © Anthony Barnett 2001, 2012, used by permission of Allardyce, Barnett, Publishers.


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